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Summer in the Swiss Alps

Beautiful Alpine vistas, steep mountain passes and fields of wild flowers

Kappellenbrücke in Luzern, Schweiz - Switzerland

Switzerland in summer is arguably one of the world's prettiest places – from the glacier covered peaks of the Matterhorn, Eiger & Jüngfrau, to the deep water fresh lakes that accompany fairy-tale cities, such as Luzern, Zürich or Montreux.

The Swiss Rail system is also probably the best public transport system on the planet. The trains are hi-tech, fast, clean and the Swiss timeliness is world renowned.

If you're planning on traveling around the country for a few days (or more!), then purchasing one of Swiss Rail's passes is a great way to see the sights. Make sure you also take a look at some of the Classic Rail Journeys and Swiss Excursions (and Cable-cars) that we offer, as they all are unique and can give your visit to Switzerland that special little something extra.

Norway to Switzerland by Train/Rail

Norwegian Railways Logo

SwissPasses can also issue your train tickets directly from Norway to your Swiss Resort. Combine this with our Swiss Transfer Ticket (valid from the Swiss border) and save.

Please contact us to book train/rail tickets from Norway to Switzerland.

If you have any questions about booking a Swiss Summer holiday, Swiss Rail Passes/Tickets or any of the specialty passes (Excursions and Classic Rail), please drop us an Email. or call our knowledgeable English speaking staff – Swiss Phone: (+41) 27 967 0940. We're happy to help and know Switzerland extremely well!

Stunning Swiss Apline summer vistas

Swiss Regional Rail Passes

Swiss Speciality Regional Railway/Train/Boat Passes.

Exclusive! Swiss Regional Rail Passes online

These Swiss Regional Passes can be a great deal if you're planning on spending several days in a specific area of Switzerland. They often let you combine traveling by train with some of the country's most popular excursions and scenic sights.

  • Lake Geneva Region Pass
  • Jungfrau VIP Pass
  • Jungfrau 6 Day Pass
  • Berner Oberland Pass
  • Graubünden Pass
  • The Tell Pass
Official Swiss Rail Ticketing Agents

There is quite a bit of specific information on each of the Regional Rail Passes, on the main SwissPasses site. You can see a full listing of the available passes here.

For Families: The Family Card – the key to large savings when traveling on Swiss Trains, Buses, Boats and Trams

The Family Card – large savings for families traveling together

Swiss Family Card - save money when traveling on Swiss Rail

Swiss Rail offers what is called a Family Card, for parents traveling with one of the Swiss Railway Passes (Transfer Ticket, Swiss Pass, Swiss Flexi-Pass or Swiss Card).

With a Family Card, children (from 6 to 15 years inclusive) travel for free, if accompanied by at least one parent. This can result in massive savings for families traveling together.

Swiss Excursions and Cable-cars

Classics from the Jüngfraubahn through the Eiger, to the Gornergratbahn, known as the Matterhorn Railway, that winds through the 4,000 meter peaks of Zermatt.

Swiss Excursions and Cable-cars. Save with

Swiss Excursions are one of the most popular things to do, when traveling in Switzerland in the summer months, is to take an excursion up one of the many high-alpine Cable-cars to enjoy the stunning panoramas of the Swiss Alps.

When you are purchasing one of the Swiss Pass tickets (Swiss Pass, Swiss Flexi-Pass or Swiss Card), you are able to buy these tickets at significant discounts, compared to the price paid at each lift's ticket office.

Swiss Classic Rail Journeys - Unique Swiss Train trips

Swiss Classic Rail Journeys

Steam, Cogs and stunning Swiss mountain views! Here you'll find tickets for those special rail journeys you've always heard about.

Switzerland is home to some of the oldest and most spectacular cog railway trips – SwissPasses is the only on-line company offering these together in one place!

The Glacier Express, from Zermatt to St. Moritz, through the heart of the Swiss Alps, is one of the must-do trips for anyone loving this type of travel.

The Classic cog railways of the Jüngfraubahn (tunnels its way through the Eiger, to the Jüngfraujoch) and the Gornergratbahn (built in the the late 1800's and winding its way high above Zermatt, to give one of the most stunning views of the Matterhorn and surrounding 4000 meter - 14000 ft peaks) are two trips that everyone should make at least once in their lives.

If you're a classic cog railway fan, make sure you look at the other Swiss Classic Rail options, including the Pilatus, the Rigi-bahn, Schynige Platte (one of our favourites!), Brienz-Rothorn, the Bernina Express, the Stanserhorn, Rochers-de-Naye (above the lake of Geneva) and the Chocolate Train...

Swiss Fly + Luggage

Have a lot of bags? Send them directly to your Swiss destination!

Swiss Fly + Luggage - exclusive online purchase at

Sometimes you're traveling with a lot of bags/luggage (for example when you're going on a long holiday with your entire family, or on a ski trip, with all of your ski/snowboarding gear) and having to drag them around, from Airport to Train Station, then switching trains, and finally to your hotel, can be quite the project.

With Swiss Rail's Fly + Luggage, you can just place a special label on your bags and have them taken directly to your destination resort – often your hotel will even go collect them for you! (you can check here for details, times and locations).

Swiss Rail is probably the only national railway that can offer such a service and have it actually work.

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